Friday, December 3, 2010

Nana Larson's Cheese Fondue.

Cheese Fondue from Kristen:
(A Christmas Eve tradition)

1 lb. cheddar
1 lb. swiss
1/2 lb mozarella (last)
Worcestershire sauce
1 can cheddar soup
garlic powder
onion salt
milk (to thin)

Place cheddar, swiss, soup, worcestershire, garlic and onion in a crock pot on low. Do not heat to or allow to boil. Cook, stirring occasionally until melted. Add mozzarella and milk, stirring in a figure eight movement until it has melted and is smooth and creamy. Continue to add milk until desired thickness. Transfer to a fondue pot, put over a burner and serve with your choice of bite-sized dippers. You can graze on this all night!

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