Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 layer Jell-O Salad

12 Layer (AKA Rainbow) Jell-O Salad from Brittany:

6 boxes 4 oz Jell-O
2 tubs sour cream

Boil one cup of water.
Add one package of Jell-O (this is your bottom layer.. so to make the rainbow, purple)
Whisk and allow Jell-O to dissolve.
Pour 1/2 cup of Jell-O mixture into a separate bowl and whisk in 1/3 cup sour cream.
Pour into bottom of 9x13 pan and refrigerate.
Add 3 Tbsp of ice water to Jell-O mixture still in the pan and leave sitting on the counter.
After first layer has set up (approx 20-25 minutes) pour remaining Jell-O on top of cream layer and refrigerate until set.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, Top with Whip Cream and serve.

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